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Príncipe de la oscuridad. La verdadera historia de Drácula. (Subdivx en español)


El príncipe Vlad de Rumania y su hermano pequeño, el príncipe Radú, (son secuestrados y mantenidos como Rehenes por el Sultán turco, Mohammed), su Padre es asesinado y el Sultán retiene preso a sus hijos durante muchos años.
Tras un largo tiempo retenidos (durante el cual el Sultán establece una relación paternal con Radú), él príncipe Vlad, ha crecido y logra fugarse.
En ese instante realiza una promesa: Jura vengar la muerte de su padre y regresar para liberar a su hermano del sultán. Pero las circunstancias y la influencia causada por el Sultán sobre Radú llevarán a Vlad a tener que luchar contra su propio hermano para recuperar su reino.

«Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula tells the story of Vlad Dracula, the historical figure who gave Bram Stoker’s Dracula his name. Vlad is a dispossessed noble, and a patriot who fights the occupation forces of the Turks hoping to avenge the murder of his father by Romanian nobles and the capture of his brother by the Ottoman sultan. The King of Hungary (Roger Daltrey) becomes Vlad’s ally and, with his support, Vlad and his men attack the occupying Turks and turncoat Romanian boyars, and seizes the throne of Wallachia.
His bride Lidia (Jane March) discovers what Vlad does to the bodies of his enemies and is horrified. She begins to lose her grip on sanity, claiming to hear the voices of the dead. He reluctantly banishes her to a nunnery, which he later regrets and amends. Lidia, however, remains the same and ultimately commits suicide, leaving Vlad dispirited and alone with their adolescent son. Vlad’s brother Radu arrives at the head of a large Turkish invasion force.»
The narrative of the film is presented as evidence given at a hearing following Vlad’s alignment with the Roman Catholic King of Hungary. At the end of the film, Vlad is excommunicated by the Orthodox Church shortly before being assassinated by Radu. As a result of his condemnation by the priests, Vlad is found to have risen from the grave and gained eternal life, free to roam the earth (as he has been denied entrance to both Heaven and Hell), implying that he has now become the very vampire for which his name is famous.
(Vlad The Impaler)

Ficha técnica
Dirección Joe Chappelle
Producción Avram «Butch» Kaplan
Guion Thomas Baum
Música Frankie Blue
Fotografía Dermott Downs
Estreno 31 de Octubre del Año 2000


Rudolf Martin es el Príncipe Vlad Drácula.
Jane March es la Princesa Lidia.
Christopher Brand es Bruno.
Peter Weller es el Padre Stefan.
Roger Daltrey es el Rey Janos.
Michael Sutton es Radu.
Razvan Vasilescu es Aron.
Radu Amzulescu es el Inquisidor.
Maia Morgenstern es la mujer de la fuente.
Claudiu Bleont es el Sultán Mohamed
Claudiu Trandafir es el Príncipe Karl.
Dan Bordeianu es el Príncipe Vlad III con 18 años.
Victor Ungureanu es el Príncipe Vlad III con 8 años.
Dan Badarau es el padre del Príncipe Vlad Drácula.
Sebastian Lupea es el Príncipe Vlad Drácula de joven.

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